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Establishing legal paternity is crucial for unmarried fathers in Arizona. A paternity attorney can help protect your rights and get custody or visitation set up.

Should You Hire An Arizona Paternity Attorney?

If you are an unmarried father in Arizona, hiring a paternity attorney is highly recommended to establish your legal rights. Unmarried fathers have no automatic legal rights to their children in Arizona. Without establishing paternity legally, you won't have a say in custody, visitation, or child support matters. An experienced paternity lawyer understands the complex legal issues and can negotiate effectively on your behalf. They can file motions, represent you in court, draft agreements, and ensure your rights as a father are protected. Having a lawyer greatly improves your chances of getting fair custody arrangements.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring An Arizona Paternity Attorney?

The top benefits of hiring a paternity attorney in Arizona include: securing your parental rights, developing a custody and visitation schedule, reducing child support obligations if needed, and ensuring you have access to your child's medical records and school information. An attorney also understands the intricate legal processes and deadlines involved. They can handle the paperwork and smooth out disputes between unmarried parents. This reduces stress and frees you to focus on your relationship with your child.

Maria and Christina
Maria and Christina

What Does An Arizona Paternity Attorney Do?

A paternity lawyer handles all aspects of the legal process to establish paternity. First, they will file a paternity suit to legally declare you as the father. They will represent you in paternity court hearings and arrange genetic testing if needed. Once paternity is determined, they work to establish custody rights, visitation schedules, and child support orders. They also can draft and file any needed petitions, motions, or agreements. Ongoing, they can modify support and custody arrangements if situations change. Hiring an experienced paternity attorney in Arizona is key to securing your rights as an unmarried father.

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Arizona Paternity FAQs

What are my rights as an unmarried father in Arizona?

Unmarried fathers have no automatic legal rights to their children in Arizona. Establishing paternity legally is crucial to gain any parental rights.

How is paternity established for unmarried fathers in Arizona?

You can establish paternity by signing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form or through the courts via genetic testing. A paternity lawyer can help navigate the process.

How is child support determined for unmarried parents?

Child support is determined based on factors like each parent's income and amount of custody. The court issues official child support orders.

Can I get visitation rights as an unmarried father?

Yes, unmarried fathers can petition for reasonable visitation or a set visitation schedule after establishing paternity.