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Having an experienced attorney like Lyndsey handle your family law modification matters will help make sure that you have the guidance, support and advocacy you need throughout the entire process

Should You Hire An Arizona Modification Attorney?

At Paradise Valley Family Law, we understand that life changes and so do your family's needs. If your circumstances have changed since your last court order, hiring a modification attorney can make a significant impact on the success of changing your court order. Major life changes including job loss, relocation, new relationships, or issues with the other parent may warrant changes.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring An Arizona Modification Attorney?

An experienced modification attorney understands the legal standards for modification cases in Arizona and creates effective legal strategies. At Paradise Valley Family Law, we handle communication with the courts and negotiations with the other party. Additionally, we can often get modification cases resolved more quickly and successfully than if you were to try and make these changes without the help of an attorney.

Maria and Christina
Maria and Christina

What Does An Arizona Modification Attorney Do?

A modification attorney can file motions requesting changes to support, custody, visitation, or other aspects of court orders. They gather evidence to show why modifications are needed and in the child's best interests. Modification attorneys also represent clients in negotiations, at hearings, and if needed, through appeals. Their legal experience can guides you through the process efficiently.

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“In all my dealings with Lyndsey and her firm, I find them to be extremely professional, concerned, and genuinely caring. Lyndsey is not about billable hours but absolutely concentrates on doing what’s best for her clients. I highly recommend Lyndsey and her firm.” – Ter Cam.

“Lyndsey and her team provided timely, thorough, and accurate assessments of my pending divorce. We were able to mutually agree on a settlement with no litigation. They are real professionals.” – Greg Garifo.

“Lyndsey is amazing! She is extremely responsive and will fight for you. My divorce was complicated, and she did an amazing job navigating through it all and overcoming many obstacles. I highly recommend her.” – Kristen Copenhaver

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Arizona Modification FAQ

What kinds of family law agreements can be modified in Arizona?

The most common agreements that can be modified include divorce decrees, legal separation agreements, custody orders, parenting time plans, and child support orders. Alimony awards may also be modified under certain circumstances.

When can child custody be modified in Arizona?

An Arizona court will only modify child custody if there has been a material change in circumstances since the original order and if the modification is in the child’s best interests. Examples of material changes include one parent relocating, a change in work schedules, remarriage, or issues with child safety.

How do you modify child support in Arizona?

A parent seeking to modify a child support order must show a 15% or more change in their income or the other parent’s income lasting 12 months or longer. This substantial change in finances justifies recalculating support under the Arizona Child Support Guidelines.

What does it take to modify spousal support in Arizona?

Alimony can only be modified if the persona paying shows a change in financial circumstances that significantly impacts their ability to pay the amount ordered. Retirement may qualify if it substantially reduces income. Disability or major illness can also warrant a modification.