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Going through a divorce or separation can be an incredibly difficult and emotional time, especially when children are involved. If you are facing child custody issues in Arizona, hiring an experienced child custody attorney can help protect your rights as a parent and ensure your children’s best interests are represented.

Should You Hire An Arizona Child Custody Attorney?

Having a qualified family law attorney on your side is highly recommended when child custody is contested. An Arizona child custody lawyer can advise you on the complex laws and procedures surrounding custody disputes. They can guide you through the process, represent you in negotiations and court hearings, and help build the strongest case for your desired custody arrangement. Even if your separation is amicable, having legal counsel draft your custody agreement is wise to protect all parties. An attorney can ensure proper legal procedures are followed, and your agreement upholds your parental rights.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring An Arizona Child Custody Attorney?

The benefits of having an Arizona child custody attorney include: 

  • Help in navigating complex custody laws and court procedures
  • Advice on building a strong case for your desired custody outcome
  • Representation of your rights as a parent throughout the process 
  • Assistance negotiating a favorable custody agreement 
  • Preparation and filing of legal motions and paperwork 
  • Representation at custody hearings and trials if needed 
  • Objective guidance to avoid emotionally driven decisions 
  • Peace of mind knowing your children’s interests are protected
Maria and Christina
Maria and Christina

What Does An Arizona Child Custody Attorney Do?

A child custody attorney can provide a range of services, including: 

  • Reviewing your case details and desired custody goals 
  • Advising you on Arizona custody laws and your rights as a parent
  • Drafting petitions and motions related to child custody 
  • Representing you in negotiations with the other parent
  • Helping gather evidence to support your custody case
  • Working with child custody evaluators, mediators, or guardians ad litem
  • Preparing for and representing you at court hearings 
  • Drafting and reviewing custody and visitation agreements 
  • Modifying support orders and agreements as needed 
  • Enforcing custody and visitation orders if the other parent violates them

An experienced Arizona custody lawyer will use their experience to build the best case for your custody goals, whether that involves decision-making authority, parenting time arrangements, visitation rights, or child support. They can be a valuable ally during this time in your life.

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“Lyndsey and her team provided timely, thorough, and accurate assessments of my pending divorce. We were able to mutually agree on a settlement with no litigation. They are real professionals.” – Greg Garifo.

“Lyndsey is amazing! She is extremely responsive and will fight for you. My divorce was complicated, and she did an amazing job navigating through it all and overcoming many obstacles. I highly recommend her.” – Kristen Copenhaver

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Arizona Child Custody FAQs

What are the different types of child custody in Arizona?

There are two main types of custody in Arizona–legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody involves decision-making, so establishing responsibilities for a child. Physical custody refers to where the child lives. Custody can be sole (one parent) or joint (shared between both parents).

What does the court determine in custody in Arizona?

Arizona courts make custody decisions based on the best interests of the child. Factors considered include the wishes of the parents, the relationships between the child and each parent, the child’s adjustment to home/school/community, and the mental/physical health of all involved.

Adjustment to home/school/community, and the mental/physical health of all involved. Can a parent lose custody rights in Arizona?

Yes, a parent can lose custody rights if the court finds they have abandoned, abused, or neglected the child. Severe substance abuse or criminal activity are also grounds for loss of custody. The court seeks to protect the child’s safety and well-being.

Can a parent move out of state with a child in Arizona?

If parents share joint legal custody, neither can move out of state with the child without permission from the other parent or approval from the court. Relocation requests require advance written notice and may be contested.