Who Gets The Pet(s) In A Divorce

March 21, 2019

This is a concern of many people who are getting a divorce in Arizona. Pets have always been an important part of people's lives and families. Society as a whole has become more accepting of the pet's position in the family in recent years. More and more public places have become “pet friendly” to accommodate America's love of pets, and stores devoted to the pet seem to be popping up everywhere.

While many people consider their pet a member of their family and treat them as their children, in the eyes of the law, pets are considered property. During a divorce, it can be difficult to determine who ultimately ends up with the family pet. Fluffy and Fido mean more to most people than to simply list them as an item along with the couch and the TV.

An attorney can listen to a client's concerns about their family pet and take those concerns into consideration when drafting divorce documentation. A client should not be afraid to speak up and ask questions on behalf of their pets. Some questions that may be relevant are whether the pet was received as a gift, who primarily cares for the pet, and who is the pet bonded to the most.

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